Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's talk about sex baby.

So me getting a blogger is mainly my friend Cassidy's fault...But I have wanted one for a while due to the fact I have a dream of becoming slightly youtube famous for who knows what...So I guess with this being my first post I will go ahead and do just what my friend did and tell you a little about my self... Well my name is Alison, I am 18 soon to be 19 years old in June, I live with my fiance in what is now our second apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a pet rat, yes I said rat his name is Charlie and he is the sweetest thing ever. I work at what me and my friends consider to be the best/worst place on earth. I love art, music, and crafts they pretty much run my life. Those along with make-up, make-up facinates me to death i love watching about make-up, buying it, and doing it...I love to drive on warm summer days with my radio blaring. I love cooking and even more so cooking with my family...Let's see thats about it...I'm sure I will envulge more as I blog along...Oh the pourpose of my blog will be to show off my art, photography, and make-up, along with random things about my life...Peace!

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