Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun things ahead!

So the other day I finally received my Glamor Doll Eyes order...And I must say despite the long wait I am in love...

The colors are CRAZY intense and very pigmented and the colors are BEAUTIFUL!

I can not wait to do my haul/review video...

I haven't done any looks with them yet but today I tried out a new trick I heard about mixing loose eyeshadows or loose pigments and clear nail polish to create new fun colors...

So I used the "Lime Light Pie" color and painted my nails and I also love that...I also think I'm gonna do a tutorial about that...

Lots of fun things coming up :)

Sorry about the bad picture quality and the fact that I suck at painting my own nails lol.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Make-up swatches :)

So today I was playing with my new NTX pallete that came in yesterday...(Only two more things left to come in :) ) And I decides I wanted to swatch all my make-up just kinda as a starting point for my collection...

Every Month on the 21st I am going to post a new blog with any new iteams I have gotten for the collection...

But right now these are what I have (minus foundations,blushes,powders, primers, moisterisers, and removers).

Here we go...

This is my new NYX pallete in "I dream in St.Lucia" as if I dont have enough Oranges lol.

This picture actually does no justice on how pretty these colors are...Yuckky camera lol...These are all Urban Decay and from Left to Right they are...YDK, Flipside (favorite), Grifter, UZI, Twice Baked, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Flash, Oil Slick, Kiddie Pool, And Half Baked.
This is my Pixi pallete I got at Target...It was one of my first palletes and though the quality is not as high as my more name brand thing I love it for everyday uses or to use a bases but some of the colors are my favorties such as... 6th from the top left its a brilliant gold orange color, and the 5th from the bottom left its a great light yellow color that is my favorite go to highlight color I own.
This has to be my favorite drug store brand of all time...Cover Girl...And this is the CG Tropical Fusion Quad...For around $4.00 this is a must have for me I actually need to try and get some more CG quads they are great for any look and I probally use the Orange about 3 days a week :)

This one is another great drugstore brand...HIP... I actually used to own more but I actually lost a lost of make-up awhile back...Including my favorite Too Faced Shadow ever...Long story...Anywho this is in Flair and it is going to be my go to colors once fall hit.
Next are my Eyeliners...I unfortunally own mostly black(need to get out of that habbit) From left to right I have... 3 Maybelline eyeliners Define a lash in Ebony Black(pencil), Ultra Liner in Jet Black(liquid), and Define a Lash in Black, Next is just a regular pencil liner from Wet and Wild, HIP Cream liner in Black, Wet and wild in white pencil liner, Wet and wild Luiqid liner in Jet black, and Wet and wild pencil liner in brown.

The one thing I'm not huge on yet is Mascara...To me they all work the same and if not I make it work lol...Right now I only have three but I would actually like to get some colors like blue and green and maybe some glitter ones...I have Maybelline Lash Stiletto in very black, Sephora brand in brown and in Black.

One thing I really want to start building up is my lip products right now I only have glosses but I really want to get some good lipsticks and hopefully some really night lip pencils...All of these are from a Bath and body works collection of COBigelow and almost all of there names are rubbed off so I'm sorry lol.

So thats about it out side of the things I said I'm not listing and brushes as well...That will be another blog...Thanks and enjoy :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ebay and New Desk.


I may never order from ebay or amazon again! my amazon order that I put in about a week ago just today got shipped...and my ebay order hasn't even processed yet!

It doesn;t help that I am completly over reacting and I'm just really impatiant...

So today I found out that TJMaxx sells make-up name brand for crazy low prices...So I just might have to swing over there one day and check it out!

So I have been doing a lot better about filming video's and actually editing them. I have done about 3 video's in about a week. I edited one of them and already uploaded it, So all I have to do is edit the other 2 and post them.

I've also been trying to get my name out there on YT but it's harder than I thought and still only have 5 subscribers...But that's okay that's better than none at all :)

Other than that since I have nothing to do all day I've depotted my UDPP, Depotted all my CG make-up and but them all into a Cd case pallete and just been trying to keep my make-up desk in order and reaserching cheap make-up lol so I can build my collection...

Wow this is getting long and since Cassidy is the only one who actually maybe reads my blog I'm sure she is getting bored:)

Let's see maybe I will end this with my updated want list and maybe some picture :)

MAC samples
NYX Trio (Hippie Chic)
Nars Blush (Orgasm)
New Blending brush
Brow Set (maybe Sephora brand)
Costal Scents 88 Matte Pallete
Cotal Scents Blush Pallete
Costal Scents Hot Pots
MAC Fix +
Beauty from the Earth Samples
Urban Decay Lipstick (Hero)
Random Drugstore stuff

Oh yeah I'm so exciting lol...
(new desk and set up, Cd Pallete, Today's MAke-up look)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Soon to be haul!!!

So i have not wrtten in my blog in forever.

So i just placed all my orders from my recent want list.

In total I only spent $21 dollars and I'm super proud of myself.

I bought 8 items in total and can't wait till they get here!

Let me tell ya what I got...

6- samples from Glamour doll eyes in a bunch of fun colors that I don't remember right now lol.

1. Jumbo eye pencil from NYX in "milk".

1. The Caribbean Eye pallet in "I dream in St. Lucia" from NYX.

I can't wait till they all gets here!

As soon as It all gets here I will do a haul/review blog and video...

The review will not be so much on the NYX stuff but more from GD...

So I will keep ya updated!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Eh Boo Boo Bear.

The other day me and my boyfriend, his sister Megan, and our friend Brad decided to go on a picnic at a park close to us called Sharon woods. It was a really good time. Before hand I packed up our lunch in my genuine picnic basket that my mom gave me a long time ago...Then once we got there it was crowded I mean really crowded( There was a civil war reenactment that we totally missed out on). After we ate we found a little creek to play in and decided to take some glamor shots of everyone along with what later looked like some random Christain rock band photo's over all it was a really fun time.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Penguins and Polka Dots.

So today I decided to surprise my boyfriend Matt by giving our bathroom a makeover...I really wish I had some before pictures but I'm sure if I looked hard enough I could find one...Any who our old bathroom was Penguin themed and it was totally cute but over time we ended up breaking half the set and it started to look tacky... I am very proud about how little I spent. Out side of that I have been having a pretty good week and I think I meet even double update here in a minute or not you never know...Well I think that's all for right now I think I'm gonna throw some more pictures in just because I think it's so cute!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Giraffes and Rude people.

Today me and my friend brad went to the Cincinnati Zoo...It was a pretty good time...It really made me miss last summer when I worked at the Zoo as an admissions cashier. I am getting ready to do my first make-up tutorial Im pretty excited I think I'm gonna do a smokey orange look or this purple look I do with my Urban Decay Pallet...I think thats all for today...Catch you on the flip side.

Let's talk about sex baby.

So me getting a blogger is mainly my friend Cassidy's fault...But I have wanted one for a while due to the fact I have a dream of becoming slightly youtube famous for who knows what...So I guess with this being my first post I will go ahead and do just what my friend did and tell you a little about my self... Well my name is Alison, I am 18 soon to be 19 years old in June, I live with my fiance in what is now our second apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a pet rat, yes I said rat his name is Charlie and he is the sweetest thing ever. I work at what me and my friends consider to be the best/worst place on earth. I love art, music, and crafts they pretty much run my life. Those along with make-up, make-up facinates me to death i love watching about make-up, buying it, and doing it...I love to drive on warm summer days with my radio blaring. I love cooking and even more so cooking with my family...Let's see thats about it...I'm sure I will envulge more as I blog along...Oh the pourpose of my blog will be to show off my art, photography, and make-up, along with random things about my life...Peace!