Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ebay and New Desk.


I may never order from ebay or amazon again! my amazon order that I put in about a week ago just today got shipped...and my ebay order hasn't even processed yet!

It doesn;t help that I am completly over reacting and I'm just really impatiant...

So today I found out that TJMaxx sells make-up name brand for crazy low prices...So I just might have to swing over there one day and check it out!

So I have been doing a lot better about filming video's and actually editing them. I have done about 3 video's in about a week. I edited one of them and already uploaded it, So all I have to do is edit the other 2 and post them.

I've also been trying to get my name out there on YT but it's harder than I thought and still only have 5 subscribers...But that's okay that's better than none at all :)

Other than that since I have nothing to do all day I've depotted my UDPP, Depotted all my CG make-up and but them all into a Cd case pallete and just been trying to keep my make-up desk in order and reaserching cheap make-up lol so I can build my collection...

Wow this is getting long and since Cassidy is the only one who actually maybe reads my blog I'm sure she is getting bored:)

Let's see maybe I will end this with my updated want list and maybe some picture :)

MAC samples
NYX Trio (Hippie Chic)
Nars Blush (Orgasm)
New Blending brush
Brow Set (maybe Sephora brand)
Costal Scents 88 Matte Pallete
Cotal Scents Blush Pallete
Costal Scents Hot Pots
MAC Fix +
Beauty from the Earth Samples
Urban Decay Lipstick (Hero)
Random Drugstore stuff

Oh yeah I'm so exciting lol...
(new desk and set up, Cd Pallete, Today's MAke-up look)

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