Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mora na maidine dhuit.

That means "Top of the morning to you"...Well its about 8:30pm so...Top of the evening to you! To honor one of my most favorite days of the year let alone one of the only days I can use every green color make up I own...

So to honor this great day that brought us a day full of green beer, green clothes and green food I bring you some of my favorite green make-up things!

My most favorite Green Smokey eye look done by one of my favorite gurus "MAKE-UP TV GEEK"

Too Faced Cosmetics best selling duo in "Lucky Charms" two of my most favorite green colors I own!

Another favorite green look I love this look its great for year round!

And last urban decay's " Graffiti" a color I do not yet own but this holiday might just change that!

Hope your day is great everyone dont drink too much and be safe and dont forget to check out my MARK site!

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